BT Washington Middle School

3700 Chestnut Avenue     Newport News, VA 23607     Phone: (757) 928-6860     Fax: (757) 247-1119

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Booker T. Washington Middle School is a Marine Science & Pre-Advanced Placement Magnet.

Our distinctive features include:

  • A newly renovated building with science labs, an outdoor classroom, an aquatic lab, and aquariums depicting freshwater ponds, streams, rivers, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean
  • An interdisciplinary curriculum with an emphasis on Virginia's coastal habitats
  • Partnerships with science museums, colleges and universities, environmental agencies, and local businesses
  • Community service projects to include students and families
  • Curriculum designed to Introduce and prepare students with skills, concepts, and habits of mind needed to succeed in AP courses and college

Applying to be a part of our magnet program:
Magnet school applications should be in schools for pick up by parents interested in applying for a magnet school slot for their child. Applications may be picked up at any school site in the school division.

If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Lewis or the Office of Student Leadership.
For a complete guide to the magnet process, more information, please see the Options & Opportunities: A Guide to School Choices for your Child.


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